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Our Brewing Process

We start with the freshest ingredients and proven award-winning recipes to hand craft each beer. Here's an overview of the magic we work every day.

  1. The Mill: We crack the malt in a roll mill to expose the starchy endosperm while preserving the husks.
  2. Weighing: We precisely weigh the malt to recipe requirements.
  3. Mash Tun: We mix the malt and water at a specific ratio and temperature for each beer. This mashing converts malt starch to sugars.
  4. Brew Kettle: We draw the sugars created in the mash tun to the brew kettle in a liquid called wort. We add just the right amount of specially-selected hops to the kettle, producing the proper bitterness and flavor for each recipe.
  5. Heat Exchange: We cool the hopped and boiling wort to the desired fermentation temperature, generating hot water for future use.
  6. Fermenters: We transfer the wort to fermentation tanks, where yeast consumes the sugars in the sweet wort. This is fermentation, and it creates alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2).
  7. Bright tanks: After fermentation occurs we transfer the beer to a bright tank for further filtering and possible aging
  8. Filtration: We Send the beer through several filters to remove the yeast and other sediments left behind by the brewing process.

At this point we bottle or keg the finished product and our distributors take over, bringing you our delicious craft beers.